Miscellaneous Models#

class interactions.client.models.misc.InteractionResolvedData(kwargs_dict=None, /, **other_kwargs)[source]#

A class representing the resolved information of an interaction data.

  • users (Dict[str, User]) – The resolved users data.

  • members (Dict[str, Member]) – The resolved members data.

  • roles (Dict[str, Role]) – The resolved roles data.

  • channels (Dict[str, Channel]) – The resolved channels data.

  • messages (Dict[str, Message]) – The resolved messages data.

  • attachments (Dict[str, Attachment]) – The resolved attachments data.

class interactions.client.models.misc.InteractionData(kwargs_dict=None, /, **other_kwargs)[source]#

A class object representing the data of an interaction.

  • id (str) – The ID of the interaction data.

  • name (str) – The name of the interaction.

  • type (ApplicationCommandType) – The type of command from the interaction.

  • resolved (Optional[InteractionResolvedData]) – The resolved version of the data.

  • options (Optional[Option, List[Option]]) – The options of the interaction.

  • custom_id (Optional[str]) – The custom ID of the interaction.

  • component_type (Optional[ComponentType]) – The type of component from the interaction.

  • values (Optional[List[str]]) – The values of the selected options in the interaction.

  • target_id (Optional[str]) – The targeted ID of the interaction.

  • components (Optional[List[ActionRow]]) – Array of Action Rows in modal.

class interactions.client.models.misc.Interaction(kwargs_dict=None, /, **other_kwargs)[source]#

A class object representing an interaction.

  • id (str) – The ID of the interaction.

  • application_id (str) – The application’s ID of the interaction.

  • type (InteractionType) – The type of interaction.

  • data (Optional[InteractionData]) – The data of the interaction.

  • guild_id (Optional[str]) – The guild ID of the interaction.

  • channel_id (Optional[str]) – The channel ID of the interaction.

  • member (Optional[Member]) – The member who invoked the interaction.

  • user (Optional[User]) – The user who invoked the interaction.

  • token (str) – The token of the interaction.

  • version (int) – The version of the interaction as an autoincrement identifier.

  • message (Optional[Message]) – The message of the interaction.