No more hassle with trying to get interactions to work with your Python Discord bot – discord-interactions is now here.

discord-interactions is a simple API wrapper for Discord interactions. We’re not here to replace discord.py or any other fork, but we are here to be the very best Python Discord library there is that implements interactions very well. This is what our library is all about.

What are we good for?

These are the biggest advantages that you will receive out of using our library:

  • Modern library architecture design for easy modularity and scalability.

  • Sane HTTP 429 ratelimiting.

  • Dynamic object data generation via. dispatch.

  • On-demand caching.

  • await/async coroutine functionality.

What does that mean?

We’re basically the library you’ll want to use for these specific things:

  • ✔️ Working with application commands and components. (Interactions)

  • ✔️ Handling data from any text channel, cached and dispatched.

  • ✔️ General permissions handling on guild members.

  • ✔️ Responsive callbacks for components.

We won’t be doing these things as a core aspect of our library, however:

  • ❌ Voice client capabilities.

  • ❌ Cooldowns/bucket types.

Where do I start?

Please look at our pages below to find out where to go further.